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Necrosis, Recurrence or Radiation Induced Sarcoma


Lumpectomy & Radiation 2010 for Stage 1 infiltrating Breast Ca. Then 2 years ago diagnosis of necrosis from radiation on outer side of nipple which they are watching. Now in past 2 months new non movable firm nodule marble sized alsolike a marble hard & round poking up out of my front rib or from between rib & feels attached to the rib near original cancer site. I can't get to oncologist until 1/13/22. I am dying inside. Anyone know if necrosis can present itself this way or any other benign lump could pop up like this. Just to give me something to hold on to until I can get into see my oncologist for the time being…I am terrified it is radiation induced sarcoma or breast ca reoccurrence.
I am terrified🥲


  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,129
    edited January 2022

    SusanMarie - I just answered on the other thread you started. It's usually a good idea to start only one thread so people can see the answers & keep up with the story.

  • suzannemaree
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    Thank you Minus Two !