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Waiting time for Ultrasound

Rutabaga3 Member Posts: 3
edited January 2022 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Hi! I'm 33 and discovered a lump in my upper right breast last week. I immediately went to my GP who referred me to a breast clinic for an ultrasound. They said it was moveable but needed to be checked.The breast clinic scheduled me out to mid-February - though I asked to be on the call list for cancellations. My anxiety level has been quite high since finding the lump (I'm feeling it growing and getting painful but it's probably in my head), so a month seems really far off.

So I'd like an outside opinion: Is a month an appropriate amount of time to wait for a scan? If so, I'll just try to find ways to ease my anxiety and be patient.


  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605

    Breast cancer is slow moving so while waiting for scans is the absolute worst, it's not unusual, especially since they seem to think your lump is benign and are just checking with a scan to be sure. Even when they know we have cancer, we can still wait what seems like a pretty long time for treatment to start!

  • Rutabaga3
    Rutabaga3 Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for your reply and reassurance!

  • Rutabaga3
    Rutabaga3 Member Posts: 3

    I just wanted to update my post. I got in earlier and I got my diagnosis today. It is early stage cancer after all. A reminder to get things abnormal checked! Much love to this community

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,818

    Rutabaga - sorry for results. Once you know more about the kind & type & full diagnosis and treatment plans, please do pose.

  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605

    No! I'm sorry. :( Thank you for the update though. Once you know more, definitely check out the forums for your specific type and treatments. They will help a lot. ❤️

  • wondering44
    wondering44 Member Posts: 246

    Hi Rutabag3,

    I am sorry to see you got hit with the cancer rollercoaster today. It is a lot to put on your plate. Put together a strong support team to help you throughout the process. It truly helps to have someone listen to you go through the many thought processes you will have over the next several months.

    The cancer treatment plan should start to move quickly with your dx. It does help once a plan is in place. Try to allow for flexibility and changes to it. It does change, and it is another shock of emotion when it happens.

    Remember that it is okay to feel all of the emotions. You are not alone in your feelings, and we all go through it—every remotion or reaction is acceptable.

    You have found a great place to come for questions, answers, and support. So many great women here on these boards will help you through the tough days ahead.

    I am sending warm thoughts and hugs your way.

  • momto3sons
    momto3sons Member Posts: 68

    I'm so sorry to hear it ended up being cancer, but I'm glad you got in earlier!

  • bcincolorado
    bcincolorado Member Posts: 4,662

    I am glad you pushed to get your testing and can begin your next steps in your treatment. Best wishes to you. I know there will be threads for people having surgeries in the same month as well and you can all compare how you are doing together at the exact time as well.