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Pain on left side of boob - very worried, please help!

Sophian1234 Member Posts: 5
edited January 2022 in Not Diagnosed But Worried


back in 2019 I had breast pain and a lump and after an ultrasound was diagnosed with fibroadenoma. This gave me peace of mind.

In the last 4 month, I started getting pain again but the lump seemed to have disappeared after self examination but I called for an appointment just in case. I had a breast examination and the lady said she could still feel a small ill defined lump on my upper quadrant.
She put me through as a routine check which means I have to wait 3 months :(

The pain comes and goes and I have noticed that it’s mainly the week before my period that I get this pulling/tugging pain. I also get the pain after a breast self examination in that part only as when I lay on that side too long and now I remember after my examination with the doctor, it was sooo painful as she was pressing down quite hard.

Im going crazy having to wait 3 months!! Does cancer pain come and go? any info/experience would be amazing please!!