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Im stressful for my first mammogram followed by ultrasound

wthiensuwan Member Posts: 3
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First of all, I found this site very helpful with many knowledgeable people. I had my bilateral breasts ultrasound last week and here is my result. I was told I have to do biopsy, but I have an anxiety and stressful for my upcoming biopsy and its result. I have known nothing at all about this as this is my first time mammogram experience. I am planning for results that I have cancer, but anyone knows if this is considered early stage or later stage? Any help or comment would be greatly appreciated.


1. Lymph nodes in the left axilla are suspicious. An ultrasound guided core needle biopsy is recommended. Etiology for left axillary adenopathy is unknown. Patient's prior COVID-vaccine was in May 2021.

ACR BI-RADS Category 4B - Suspicious Abnormality.

Findings and recommendations for follow-up were discussed with the patient at the time of the exam.



Patient is a 42 year old female who is seen for recall from screening for a findings in bilateral breasts.

High-resolution hand-held whole breast and axillary ultrasound was performed with image documentation of all four quadrants, the retroareolar region, and axilla.

There are multiple lymph nodes in the left axilla. Nodes in the left axilla demonstrate cortical thickening with fatty hila effaced. The node in the left lower axilla corresponds to the lobulated nodule seen mammographically at this site. It is documented labeled #1 on ultrasound images. Adjacent lymph nodes measure approximately 1 cm with a replaced fatty hila.

There are no abnormal solid or cystic masses in the left breast itself.

There is a cyst measuring 5 millimeters seen in the right breast lower inner quadrant at 4 o'clock located 1 cm from the nipple. There are no abnormal solid or cystic masses in the right breast. There is no evidence of right axillary adenopathy.


  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,882
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    Sorry for the wait. It is the hardest part. Have you talked to your doctor yet? Do remember that many of us are always called back for a 'diagnostic' mammogram and ultrasound due to dense breasts. That is especially true for a first time mammo since they have nothing for comparison, Also it's my understanding the results needed to be coded "4" in order for insurance to pay for the tests.

    Likely someone else will be along who can add more detail.

  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
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    Yes, waiting is hard! Just wanted to add that it's impossible to tell from a mammogram and ultrasound what stage a cancer is. Staging includes a lot of different information, and it can change during the diagnosis and treatment process based on new information. But regardless of the stage, there are many treatments! And hopefully this will turn out to be nothing.

  • wthiensuwan
    wthiensuwan Member Posts: 3
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    I appreciated your comments on this. I have hope that we live in the time that has treatments. I will prepare myself for this battle and up to it. Whatever it takes, we will go through this together. I found this site is very encouraging, and at least it made me feel I'm not alone fighting this. Thank you truly.

  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
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    If you can manage to restrain yourself, DON'T start googling for information. Don't even look around on this site too much! :) At least wait until you know the biopsy results, if it does turn out to be cancer, and then you'll have a better idea of what information you need. Looking up stuff now is overwhelming and you'll have no idea what applies to you.
  • zebra_co
    zebra_co Member Posts: 35
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    I don’t know what the lab results mean. I do know about the anxiety of waiting for additional testing and waiting to find out. I’ve been through this several times before and going through it now. So we’re in this together. Thank you for posting. It takes courage to do so. Try to give yourself some time in eachday to research, ask for support, and think about all of it. Then tell yourself to leave it for now and think about it again tomorrow. This seems to work for me, or at least help. It’s like give yourself permission to obsess for a set period of time, then stop and busy yourself with something/anything to take your mid off of “it”. Best wishes to you for a positive outcome. Keep us updated please. Blessings 🌷

  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,926
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    I found it helpful to do fun or silly things between appointments and tests (and surgery, if it comes to that for you). Dig out your favorite goofy movie or binge-watch Bugs Bunny, or, if your weather is nice, hang out at your favorite park. Good luck. I've had enlarged lymph nodes from other areas that lit up on a CT and PET scan and had to be biopsied, and it turned out to be nothing.