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Tiny lump and red spot

dontwantthis Member Posts: 17
edited January 2022 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Hi all,

I had my 1st cancer in 2007 (lumpectomy, chemo and radiation). January 2021 diagnosed with cancer again exact same type, breast and almost the same place (Oncologist called it a new cancer, she said after so many years they dontcall it a reoccurence).

I decided on a bmx (my breast surgeon and I had a big disagreement about it) she said "why would you remove a healthy breast, if it is because of anxiety we can get you pills", and also said "you could get colon cancer or other cancer" which was great to hear since I have the colon cancer gene. In the end I basically told her "my breasts my choice" she was not happy.

On March 9th I had my BMX with expanders (because of my previous radiation they needed to try and stretch the skin). On October 1th I had the expanders removed and implants put in (unfortunately they look like something out if a horror movie), the shape is horrible, they don't match and the right side is very tight.

Anyway, the other day I felt a tiny lump (the size of a needle head) under the skin on my right breast (cancer side). The Oncologist said she doubts it is anything to worry about, we will monitor it. The other day I noticed I have a very weird red mark right around the lump (almost like a bite) but not itchy and doesn't hurt.

Should I be worried? I finished my Taxol in August and I am still taking Herceptin (until the end of May (could cancer come back that quickly, or could it have been missed)? I feel like after Herceptin (because of already having it twice), there should be some further treatment.

Would love your thoughts!

Prayers and love all around!