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No Yet Worried, But A Bit Concerned

shameless3 Member Posts: 5
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I had my routing screening mammogram in late December (right before Christmas) and expected a call back for additional screening as the technician took extra images after she looked over the regular 4 shots. As expected, I received a call from my doctor last week asking me to go for diagnostic imaging and I had these completed last Friday. Again I was expecting a call for a follow up ultrasound based on a similar situation 3 years ago (just a fat nodule). I was surprised as the diagnostic tech showed me the "problem area" and it was on the left breast, not the right as I had assumed. My doctor called again this morning for me to go into for a second diagnostic mammogram as well as an ultrasound.

I am not worried at this point as I do realize that most callbacks result in no/benign conditions, however I was confused by the second diagnostic mammogram that was ordered. Is this something that occurs often (or maybe I should say is this out of the norm?).

For context, i am located in Canada and we cannot see our reports online like many of you do. The only thing that was mentioned to me was "asymmetry" on the screening mammogram which I realize is not that uncommon (my breasts are primarily fatty).

Thank you!


  • shameless3
    shameless3 Member Posts: 5

    Thank you Wrenn, all of the imaging tests are done through the NS Health department (local hospital or mobile breast screening clinic) and I am unable to get a copy - I may call my PCP and ask more questions (he is great!). As I mentioned, I am not stressing about this (this time - first call back three years ago was terrifying) but thought it was odd to get called back for a third mammogram (second diagnostic) and was wondering if that was odd or normal :)

    Thank you again for your quick reply :)

  • bcincolorado
    bcincolorado Member Posts: 4,684

    Sounds like you are doing the smart thing with follow up care. I know there are people here in Canada who have good experience with the the health system there and may have some good advice on best way for answers for you as well. Best wishes.

  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605

    It sounds to me like they are still trying to get a better view of what's going on. If they had seen something that definitely looked suspicious they would be sending you for a biopsy, not doing more of the same imaging.

  • shameless3
    shameless3 Member Posts: 5

    Thank you ParakeetsRule and bcincolorad for your responses. I am fortunate to have a very good PCP and that testing is happening fairly quickly.

    Best wishes to all who have replied.

  • shameless3
    shameless3 Member Posts: 5

    Well I found out why I was called back for a third (2nd diagnostic) mammogram. The asymmetry they saw on the screening mammogram still showed up on one view in the diagnostic mammogram.

    They wanted a third mammogram with additional views including rolling the breast to see if they could see the asymmetry on another angle. The ultrasound followed the third mammogram. The sonographer started clicking immediately after she started the scan (not sure if that is good or bad) and took numerous images for the radiologist.

    I tried calling my doctor today to see if he had received the results but we are in yet another winter storm and his office was without power. I will call again tomorrow to see if everything came back okay or if there are more tests to come :)