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Surgery in a few weeks, three questions

Tayledra Member Posts: 2

Hey all, I'm heading in on Feb 11, and I have three questions today.

1. Those of you who had a nerve block, how long did it actually last? I'll be getting Exparel, and the info on it says up to 72 hours. No painkiller ever lasts as long for me as the bottles say it should, and I'm wondering if this might follow that pattern.

2. The packing thread recommends spray or roll-on deodorant rather than solid stick. Why?

3. I'm having a BMX with reduction and TEs, plus axillary lymphadenectomy, and they said they'd send me home in a surgical bra. Because I'll have to take it off for washing, as a backup I want to order at least one of the soft sports bras that people here have recommended. However, the guides that tell you which size you need typically use band + cup = size, and I haven't been able to get any useful information from the PF team about what cup size I'm going to be when I come home. I'm currently a 38J (US size, hence the reduction) and I don't want to waste money on something that won't fit.



  • dancemom
    dancemom Member Posts: 404
    edited January 2022

    Make an appointment with the anesthesia dept before your surgery. They will note any unusual reactions and then before surgery your anesthesiologist will know you have specific concerns and spend time with you. They want as much info as possible going in to make their work safer. I have many atypical drug reactions and lack enzymes to metabolize some classes, so I was very proactive. The Dr really listened and asked many questions. As for pain after, I was prescribed stuff, but only needed OTC Tylenol and LOTS of sleep.

    If incisions are in armpit area you will not be able tonwear deodorant for a while, plus you won't be able to reach. Also, unscrewing things doesn't happen for a bit. When it's time, roll on is much easier to apply. Stick requires some pressure.

    I asked about washing the post surgery bra/wrap and they gave me another to take home. I am still wearing those 3 weeks out.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,184
    edited January 2022

    Link below for the surgery thread with lots of great ideas;