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Other Abnormal Tissue found after Mastectomy

SandraDublin Member Posts: 16

I had a single mastectomy a week ago and am still waiting for pathology results next week

I had a 18ml tumour IDC identified at mammogram and ultrasound and we know positive lymph node involvement from a needle biopsy so waiting to understand the extent of this after ALDN.

However surgeon said he also discovered some other abnormal tissue at back of breast which he removed also.

Did this happen to anyone else? Just making me more anxious on what results will be now!


  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
    edited January 2022
    "Abnormal tissue" is vague but more cancer being found during surgery is pretty common. It's probably not going to change your treatment plan though, so I would try not to worry too much!
  • Member Posts: 1,434
    edited January 2022

    I'll add to what ParakeetsRule said. If the "abnormal tissue" is not cancer but is a high risk or fibrocystic condition, this is extremely common. My final MX pathologies read like a pathology textbook, listing off 7-8 abnormal conditions that were all found in the breast tissue. None of that affects the diagnosis or treatment plan. From reading this site, I don't think my situation was all that unusual.

    Let us know more when you get the final pathology.

  • SandraDublin
    SandraDublin Member Posts: 16
    edited January 2022

    Thanks so much both for your replies and good to know not too unusual and hopefully won’t impact the treatment. I was just a bit thrown by it and haven’t been able to follow up with the surgeon yet so didn’t understand the impact.

    I’m sure all will be revealed in time and in the meantime I’ll try not to worry (so much!) and enjoy the fact I’m starting to feel more human again after the op before I get started into the next stage of treatment and the joys they’ll bring!!!