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Biopsy Scheduled

tyggerj Member Posts: 13
edited February 2022 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Had a screening 3D mammogram, received a call back for a diagnostic mammogram/ultrasound. The report stated asymmetry with architectural distortion. When I went in I had the ultrasound 1st. The tech said the radiologist does the ultrasound 1st since I already had a 3D mammo and they try to limit the radiation. The tech couldn't find anything on the ultrasound and then the radiologist couldn't find anything either except a cyst in a different area of the breast. He decided to have more mammo images taken. I was left in the waiting area for a while afterwards. The tech comes back in and states they want to do the ultrasound again. The radiologist does the ultrasound, he told me when they redid the mammo it is still showing Architectural Distortion however they realized the area of concern was over a little further. He keeps feeling with his hand and the US machine. He finally shows me what he is seeing on the US screen (honestly at that point I wasn't really sure what I was looking at). He recommends we do a biopsy. I am schedule 2/1 for a core biopsy. Of course I have now read all I can online. I tried to ask the radiologist what the percentage of biopsy are malignant. He said he could not give me a number specifically for Architectural Distortion however all the biopsy are around 25%. I'm worried, have been reading these message boards all day and it does seem to help. I'm a high anxiety person and this is not what I need right now. Originally schedule 2/8 but they called and moved it up. Here is what the report says.


Tomographic imaging best affects a persistent subtle area of architectural distortion posteriorly in the left breast at about the 2:30 position.

Focused left breast ultrasound demonstrates a subtle area of hypoechoic architecture shadowing mammographic abnormality. It is not well marginated does appear to be wide by 7 mm. Real-time sonographic suite through the area does not define a discrete mass but rather architectural distortion and confluence of soft tissues.


RECOMMENDATION: Ultrasound-guided left breast core biopsy. Careful attention on post biopsy mammography to ensure biopsy clip correlates with mammographic abnormality.


  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,076

    Tygger - I hope you will STOP reading on line. There is so much incorrect information. BCO is a safe site. It's always best to follow up if they are concerned. But in the meantime, we do understand it's soooooo hard waiting for the tests. And then for the results. Try to do something fun to take you mind off of it. Hope your biopsy comes out B-9. Be sure to get copies of all these test results for future reference.

  • tyggerj
    tyggerj Member Posts: 13

    Thank you! It definitely is nerve racking waiting. Some of the terminology worries me. However as my husband says “there is nothing to worry about til there is something to worry about and even then you can’t change it”

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,076

    Although men don't always understand - he's absolutely right in this case about worrying about the tests. Find some TV series to binge watch. If it's warm enough where you are, get outside and walk. Breathe!!! Do some fun things that you usually don't get to. (although it is harder in the time of Covid). Treat yourself to a special desert. What ever works for you.

  • rah2464
    rah2464 Member Posts: 1,192

    Tyggerj - did anyone recommend an MRI for you given they have stated you have extreme density? Especially since they are having such a difficult time finding the area of concern with some confidence. Sorry you are having to go through this - hang in there we all know how difficult the waiting is.

  • elamom
    elamom Member Posts: 37

    I’m here with you also waiting for biopsy. Mine is Monday. So sorry you’re going through this! Hoping we both get benign resurls

  • Godzgirl2
    Godzgirl2 Member Posts: 11

    Hi Tygger. I just had my biopsies today, so I know all too well what you’re going through. It’s great that they’re able to see you sooner. I’m praying for B9 results for you!

  • tyggerj
    tyggerj Member Posts: 13

    Rah2464-they never recommended an mri. I actually had an appointment with my gyn this weekto follow up on other testing I had (Ultrasound for Fibroids). He told me we will make a plan for the fibroids in the future right now he is more concerned about the breast. He also said no matter the results he wants to refer me to a breast surgeon.

    Elamon-positive thoughts for you.

  • tyggerj
    tyggerj Member Posts: 13

    I had my core biopsy yesterday. I am sore today had a hard time sleeping. Now I wait

  • mountainmia
    mountainmia Member Posts: 857

    Waiting is one of the hardest parts, but just do the one next thing. What do you need to do this morning? Okay, that. Then, like recommended before, be sure to find something distracting/fun/absorbing for the weekend. Hopefully the results will come up quickly. Good luck.

  • tyggerj
    tyggerj Member Posts: 13

    Instead of checking Patient Portal every hour, I’m watching Encanto again. My husband and I are going away this weekend (already planned). I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the weekend and keep my mind busy. If I happen to get my results before we leave no matter the results I will have 3 days not to really think about anything.

    Hope and prayers to all those waiting or already diagnosed.

  • elamom
    elamom Member Posts: 37

    tyggerj I’m waiting as well! Was hoping I’d hear before the weekend! Ugh

  • tyggerj
    tyggerj Member Posts: 13


    I was hoping also. I told my husband last night, once I know I’ll be better (whichever way it goes). I just don’t like the waiting. Good luck to you

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,894

    Thinking of you both! Keep us posted.

  • tyggerj
    tyggerj Member Posts: 13

    So I need some help from this great group.

    I check my patient portal today and under pathology was an addendum report. No other reports.

    This is the report


    Breast Invasive Carcinoma Biomarker Report

    Block tested: Al

    Site: Left breast

    Estrogen Receptor:


    100%. 3+

    H-score: 300

    Progesterone Receptor:


    95%, 2-3+


    HER2 by IHC:


    Score: 2+


    Low proliferative index


    FISH to assess for HER2 gene amplification is pending.

    I tried to call and find out more info however I was told they do not have the full report yet. That this report is actually second to a report they should of received 1st.

    My assumption is this report wouldn’t have been created if the 1st report wasn’t malignant. Am I correct in thinking this. I was basically told my doctor won’t have all the information until atleast tomorrow afternoon.

  • mle42
    mle42 Member Posts: 124

    Tyggerj, yikes, their communication is not great, but I believe you are correct - the pathology lab would not have done the testing to generate this biomarker report if the primary report did not indicate cancer. At least, I've never heard of a situation where tissue that is benign gets tested for ER/PR/Her2, etc. I'm so sorry, both for the result and the stressful piecemeal way the information is coming to you! If you can focus on some of the good bits.... strongly hormone (estrogen and progesterone) receptor positive cancers like this have good treatment options, and the low Ki67 score indicates it is slow growing. I hope your doctor calls tomorrow with the rest of the report and can start setting up appointments for you to start working on a treatment plan.

    Big hugs and let us know how it goes!

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,076

    Since you are HER2 positive (equivocal) that's why they ordered the "fish" test. You likely won't hear much more until that test is completed. If they determine it is cancer and you are HER+, often Neo-adjuvant chemo is usually prescribed (before surgery) to shrink the tumor.

  • tyggerj
    tyggerj Member Posts: 13

    I received additional pathology reports today. Now I wait for a call from my doctor. Thank you everyone these boards really do help.







  • jons_girl
    jons_girl Member Posts: 444


    So sorry your going through this. I had extremely dense tissue too. My tumor was 4 mm. Invasive ductal carcinoma. I was right on the line grade1/2 I think. Stage 1a. I hope you caught your cancer early.

    I’m surprised they didn’t send you for a Mri because of your breast density. I think I’d push for that before surgery if I were in your situation. Just so all is seen.

    Will say a prayer for you. I know what it’s like to have anxiety. Sending a virtual hug to you. 🙏💐


  • delarbar
    delarbar Member Posts: 15

    Had my core biopsy on Monday after mammogram, 3d mammogram and ultrasound. Results should be tomorrow or Thursday and must say, this waiting is getting the best of me. Extremely tired and trying to sleep through the day and night to make it go faster.

    I have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma so this will be another bump in the road. The wait is so hard.