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Changing Care/ Second Opinion

hopefull9986 Member Posts: 2
edited January 2022 in Just Diagnosed

Having a really bad experience with the care at my local cancer center. Had a mastectomy and was told there were clear margins. Upon feeling some hardness on my chest only a month later, further tests, and scans revealed that the surgeon did not in fact have clear margins and there was 2 cm left behind. It was confirmed that the radiologist missed the lump on my post op scans (they went back and checked) and it was missed in my physical exam by my MO. Despite this unfortunate setback, the level of care I have received has been very poor. My MO does not respond to any calls or questions (some of which have been very urgent) and my appointments were postponed (I was told by my MO's secretary that the MO will only address questions at a monthly appointment). There is no empathy, compassion or any sort of urgency in my situation which has caused me huge amounts of stress. Long story short, I am looking to get a second opinion about my treatment and possibly switch clinics. Does anyone have any recommendations for second opinions or treatment centres? I am willing to go anywhere.