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Lung mets


I haven’t been on here in years, but I am the only person so far who knows about my lung CT results, so I need to shout into the void so I don’t feel alone.

Breast cancer back in 2006. Stage I. When my oncologist cut me loose after 5 years she told me I am “basically cured.”

A year ago I got a CT to check calcium in heart arteries, and it includes an incidental finding of a moderate size node. Being me, I don’t follow it up.

But my rheumatologist says I need to because I may have scleroderma, which can affect lungs. I followed up today. My appointment was at 2pm. By 3:15 pm I already had the test results in My Chart and one or two nodules are showing all the signs of neoplasticity, and the interpreter suspects mets from the location. I never panic, but I admit to grave concern. Mostly just trying to get through today without eating ALL the ice cream.


  • moth
    moth Member Posts: 3,293
    edited February 2022

    hi whatnow, oh how stressful. Does the report recommend biopsy? Imaging is not always correct and lung nodules can arise from other causes. Keep the hope. Eat the ice cream. Hugs

  • whatnow
    whatnow Member Posts: 20
    edited February 2022

    It was a pretty lousy report, for someone who knows all the words to look for. Neoplastic and irregular and metastasis. And growing pretty fast and noncalcified and good sized.And, yes, it recommends biopsy. My rheumatologist ordered the report and she is closed on Fridays so I guess I will get to stew about it for awhile before I get my referral. Poor girl. She is a brand new doc and already trying not to tell me I have a 2nd autoimmune disease, scleroderma. Little did she know she would be dealing with a cancer dx instead. Good thing I am experienced. Thanks for the ice cream permission though. I lost 45 pounds 3 years ago and I fight SO hard to keep it off. But I don't drink alcohol, so sometimes ice cream is still the perfect medicine. I am thinking Haagen Dasz Salted Honey Almond might get me through the weekend wait. Thanks for the support and have a good wknd.