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Axillary Node Cortex Thickness

momcat1962 Member Posts: 172
edited February 2022 in Waiting for Test Results


It's been a while since I've posted. I always try to come back and update when I can. My history: 59, many years of biopsies, no BC dx, ADH removed via surgery in July 2013. Currently, I have spontaneous and expressed dark, bloody nipple discharge from a single duct. The BS was adamant after our visit ordered a diagnostic mammogram and U/S. I had those the other day and am waiting on a BRCA blood test. They want to do a ductogram due to my extensive density issues. I have the DG (with DG mammo and possible BX) scheduled for next week. Radiologist's notes report "abnormal anomaly found on U/S and node cortex is 7 mm. Birads 4". I will update. Anyone have a thicker node cortex as a specific reason for additional testing? (And, I know the nipple discharges makes it an additional concern.)