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How fast do fibroadenomas grow?

Husband999 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2022 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

I read everywhere that fibroadenomas can grow, stabilize and reduce. What I cannot find is how fast such changes in size can/tend-to be. I would very much appreciate information on this topic, if there is a reference to a reliable source much better (e.g. "my personal experience" is a good source, a scientific/academic article or a medicine book are also a good sources).

The reason I want to know is that today my wife (25 years old) has been made an ecography and one of her breasts shows a 1.18×0.8 cm² ellipse that looks very much like a fibroadenoma. Such structure was first spotted by a gynecologist last week in a "breast touch examination" and today confirmed with the ecography. In a previous "breast touch examination" with a different doctor about 8 months ago such structure was not detected (and there was no ecography, only touch exam). In an ecography in 2019 a much smaller structure (0.3 cm) can be seen, however that time it was classified as a cyst. This breast has shown no other abnormal structures both in 2019 and today. So now I am wondering, is this new structure growing so fast that 8 months ago could not be detected by touching? Was it already there 8 months ago and the doctor just missed it? Is this normal? Can it be the same structure from 2019?

Thanks in advance,
A husband that loves his wife.