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Hair regrowth

My hair regrowth after chemo has been slow and the hair is very very thin and fragile. What have others found really helps increase their hair strength and growth? Are there over the counter products that work?


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    Hi Isenpedot, and welcome to

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    You're sure to get some good responses here, but we also wanted to point you to this thread in the Chemotherapy forum called Hair, Hair, Hair, which might offer some good insight and suggestions for you.

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  • Rocky41102
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    I finished chemo Jan. 11th so I'm still early on in the regrowth stage! But I've been taking Biotin vitamins. It's the hair, skin, and nails one. I'm only taking half the dose though because I'm still going through radiation. And I use the OGX brand of Biotin and Collagen shampoo and really massage my head when I wash. I also just received a Castor Oil set from Plant Therapy that I'm going to start using. I can't say if any of this is helping anything but my hair that is growing back isn't delicate or anything.

  • linsnyed
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    Look into the Hair Growth Active Products from Chemo Hair and Skin. Found them super helpful during Chemo and scalp cooling to save the majority of hair but was told that taking an AI after can also cause thinning so continuing it.

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    Welcome linsnyed, and thanks for the helpful suggestion!

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  • dutchiegirl
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    Hi there! I was taking biotin before I was diagnosed and found that it made my hair much thicker. I was taking it for my nails, not my hair, so I stopped taking them. After chemo was done, and my hair started growing back, I was using a shampoo and conditioner called FAST. It's a Canadian company so not sure if this product is available in the U.S. The product was amazing and my hair came back in thicker than before. I'm sure there are other shampoos that have ingredients specific to hair growth. Best of luck to you!