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Back on the Forum due to Another Problem Mammogram

scaredmominmi Member Posts: 14
edited February 2022 in Waiting for Test Results

Hi all,

I was here a few years ago in 2020 after the discovery of a radial scar/complex sceloresing lesion via a biopsy on my first mammogram at 40. I had a lumpectomy the size of a golf ball, which found no cancerous cells and a complex sclerosing lesion. I had two six month follow up mammograms that were clean.

Flash forward to this past week, and I am being sent for follow up imaging for the discovery of microcalcifications in a 6mm grouping right at the site of the lumpectomy. My other breast is still clear and fine.

Anyone been in this same situation? I'm trying not to be too upset, but 2020 was rough, and my surgery and care was delayed due to the pandemic. I spent many months waiting for the lumpectomy and to find out what was going on. I still feel like I'm walking around with cancer.

Thanks in advance.