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Suspicion for malignancy_ultrasound and mammogram

CarolfromTO Member Posts: 3
edited February 2022 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Hi all,

I am new here and glad to find this forum. Just want to share what happened to me so far. I found a lump (not small) in my left breast, and did the ultrasound and the mammogram booked by my GP. The imaging result is not good, and my GP refered me to a breast center. The breast center booked me for more imaging before considering biopsy. I am waiting for my breast center appt.

It is really frightening and the waiting is the worst part of it, especially when I have a family history of BC. My Mom died of BC when she was at the age of 40s.


  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,068

    Carol - sorry you're waiting & yes it's hard. If you haven't had imaging before (or in a long time), they will want to do more extensive imaging to have a comparison. Especially if you have dense breasts, it's really difficult to see things. Glad you're going to a breast center for a "re-do". Try not to get ahead of yourself and anticipate the worst.

  • CarolfromTO
    CarolfromTO Member Posts: 3

    Dear MinusTwo,

    Thank you for your kind advice!

  • edwards750
    edwards750 Member Posts: 1,568

    My MO told me the majority of breast cancers are not because of family history. I’m certainly an exception to that given I have a family history too.

    Minus Two is right with her advice about not getting ahead of yourself. Trust us we know how you feel about being scared. We all were. Just remember this even if it turns out to be BC there are treatments and meds that will help you navigate through the process. I was DX in 2011 and am amazedjust how far they have come with research and treatments since then.

    We are here to help in any way we can. Keep the faith and keep us posted.


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,886

    So sorry that you find yourself here with this worry, CarolfromTO! We hope you're able to get a much clearer picture at your breast center follow-up, please do keep us posted.

    The Mods

  • CarolfromTO
    CarolfromTO Member Posts: 3

    Thanks Diane!