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Swollen Lymph Node

Pdxglow Member Posts: 2
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I was scheduled to get a mammogram last week due to dark nipple discharge from my right breast. The night before my appointment I fell and broke my leg so had to reschedule. Then two nights ago I found a hard swollen lymph node right in the middle of my armpit on the same side of the discharge. Now I'm a little worried, do you think it's ok to wait until my rescheduled appointment 3 weeks from now? And is there something else benign that could be causing this? Thank


  • sbelizabeth
    sbelizabeth Member Posts: 954
    edited February 2022

    Pdxglow, there are a couple of hundred things that could be causing a dark discharge a swollen lymph node (I'm exaggerating, but it's a lot). Some kind of infection comes to mind. Yes, you absolutely must chase it down and figure it out, but unless there are other concerning signs, like swelling, redness, or increasing pain, I wouldn't think a 3-week wait would do any harm. The trouble with a 3-week wait is that you'll worry for 3 weeks. Try to distract yourself! Good luck--SB

  • Pdxglow
    Pdxglow Member Posts: 2
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    thank you!