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Looking for glove recommendation

jspringer4 Member Posts: 12
edited February 2022 in Lymphedema

First off, sorry to invade the lymphedema board with my non-lymphedema question, but I figured if anyone would have an answer for me, it would be you ladies.

I started having neuropathy symptoms with my first dose of Taxol, even with cold therapy. I’ve been reading everything I could find about preventing the development of neuropathy since and found one small study that saw a benefit from wearing surgical gloves one size too small. I was thinking about doubling down during my next infusion by adding compression to the cold therapy, but my hands are comically small and I already would wear the smallest size surgical glove available.

So here’s my question - do any of you know of a compression glove that is thin enough that my hands would still get cold from the cold therapy I’m also doing? Everything I’ve seen, the fabric looks super thick.



  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,070
    edited February 2022

    Sorry I can't answer your question. However I iced my hands with frozen peas and did not use any gloves. Nephropathy is not necessarily related to LE.

  • jspringer4
    jspringer4 Member Posts: 12
    edited February 2022

    Sorry, I should’ve been more clear. I haven’t shown any signs of lymphedema yet. I was just hoping that since you ladies would have the most experience with compression garments, one of you could point me towards gloves that are thin enough for cold to get through. I’m looking for compression gloves in the hope they will help prevent further neuropathy from developing, not because I have lymphedem.

  • binney4
    binney4 Member Posts: 1,466
    edited February 2022

    js4, that's really interesting. The Haddenham microfine full finger compression glove is lightweight and I'd think would handle your situation well. But lymphedema compression gloves are wildly expensive, and they don't come in pairs. The Haddenham, for example, costs around $100 apiece. You might want to look at arthritis compression gloves instead. They come in pairs and can be had for a fraction of the cost--under $20 for the pair. I'd sure be interested to know what you discover, especially how it works for the neuropathy. Wishing you smooth sailing through the rest of your journey!

    Gentle hugs,