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My ILC friends

loverofjesus Member Posts: 174

I’m curious. I will have had chemo, DMX , and radiation and Tamoxifen when all is said and done.

I was stage 3 because of the larger size and a few suspicious lymph nodes. But they were never tested before chemo and after surgery they were negative. I also got an over 2cm or more margin all around.

I know this is a dr question that I will ask. But I know a lot of you have knowledge on here. So what are the chances with all of this that recurrence would happen? Because I am like many of you and fearful of that. Can you give me some ideas what maybe your drs said after a mastectomy. I’m not holding anyone to the fire i simply need some thoughts. And the more knowledge I have the better I feel.


  • gracejoy
    gracejoy Member Posts: 21
    edited March 2022


    I asked similar questions when I was first diagnosed with ILC. We have similar diagnosis. Thank God I am still here without any recurrence. My oncologist always says it's the biology of tumor. For example classical ILC has late recurrence. I have classical ILC. What kind of ILC do you have? Please check my post below to see people response:

    ILC stage 3 and 10 year survival

  • BWorrier
    BWorrier Member Posts: 6
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    Hi, gracejoy:Great to hear such a good news from you!

  • loverofjesus
    loverofjesus Member Posts: 174
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    Gracejoy thank you for responding. I am not sure what type of ILC I have. It was never discussed. I will ask my next visit. After my surgery and pathology report says nothing about specific type.

  • hlya
    hlya Member Posts: 29
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    Hi, loverofjesus: If no specific type is mentioned in the report then it should be classical ILC.

    It's also ER+ PR+ HER2- then Grade 1, sounds like classical.