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Small lump close to nipple

foresakenmango Member Posts: 1
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Hi everyone! I’m new here and wanted to hear other’s stories. I know no two people are alike, but it is also better than Googling 24/7! I’m a 35 year old female. About a week ago I found a small pea-sized lump just left of my left nipple. From what I can gather it is not suspicious because it is smooth and round, but it is because it is small, hard, and doesn’t move at all. I’m going for my breast consult next week and feeling a little anxious. Did anyone experience anything similar? What was the outcome? Thanks so much for whaeint


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    Hi there, forsakenmango! We're so sorry you find yourself here with a breast health concern, we certainly understand how concerning and unsettling it can be. We definitely recommend staying away from Dr. Google, and we're glad you're being proactive and getting it checked out! The majority of lumps turn out to be benign, but better safe than sorry for your own peace of mind. Please do keep us posted on how it goes, we're thinking of you!

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  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 735
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    From my years of reading on these boards, I think many women have been in similar positions. For most of them, even if their doctor recommended a biopsy, it turned out to be benign (sometimes they come back and say, sometimes I assume if they don't come back it's because it turned out benign).

    It's great that you are getting it checked out. Do your best not to stress over it - there are very many benign explanations for lumps, and many cancers that are treatable (especially if they are found how you found years, through a small lump in the breast).