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macdebbie Member Posts: 65
edited March 2022 in Recommend Your Resources

Right after my cancer dx, I was on the hunt originally to a natural alternative to Aquaphor and found a few other natural skin care products. I used during my radiation, and my skin held up really well - Emu oil, Avojel, Nipple Butter, MJs Herbals Calendula Cream, Dr. Bronner's Magic Balm were my mainstays, rotated daily throughout my treatment.

It was my find of Avojel that led me to, which is a treasure trove of natural products. Founded by Bob Root whose wife Wendy had been diagnosed with melanoma, they were on a hunt for natural skin care products, and found even some of the natural ones were filled with junk so invented their own.

I have since branched out from Avojel and tried some of their other products. Aside from the safety of the products, my skin has never looked better. I finally feel like I have found products that not only work, but are safe and healthy for me. The nice thing about Keys Pure is that they sell samples for 0.99. I always love trying samples, because I have sensitive skin, and never know if a product will work or I will like it.

I hope this info. helps other people. Bob has also written a book which is on their website. Here is Bob's story - So, so glad I found this company.