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CT Aid In Dying Bill - Whats Your Take?

amontro Member Posts: 185

I am starting this thread without much research because I just learned that Connecticut is dealing with an Aid In Dying bill. I also just went on the website and signed a petition to help get the bill through.

Right now, I'm not six months away from the end, or am I? Having Stage 4 Denovo since 2008, I have been on the merry-go-round of intense pain, side effects, medications for side effects which give me more side effects and new illnesses. Even though at these times, I feel like I'm on my deathbed, I am not.

I don't travel. Just sitting in a car for 20 minutes wears me out and I'm achy. I don't shop except online including for groceries. I've only gone to actual stores for fresh produce, vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs, etc. Now, I have found that I can still be thrifty and order these delivered as well.

Books and cooking from scratch are my livelihood. When feeling some energy, I will begin my cooking very early in the day, and wrap portions for the freezer. I finally broke down and got a Prime subscription at a discount and I have a myriad of choices for movies, documentaries and entertainment later in the day.

I dread the day when my situation declines and slowly progresses downward which it has been for all these years. Will I live to eat, or eat to live? I dread that I may not be able to read physically or mentally, or retain what I'm reading/listening.

This is going to take longer that six months for me I'm sure; but it's a start.

What is your take on this? I know that many of my Stage 4 sisters have constant, serious daily challenges compared to a slower, drawn out situation like mine with painful intervals.

Please be kind, no matter where you stand on this. As I said, I'm just testing the waters. Thank you.


  • annadou
    annadou Member Posts: 46
    edited March 2022

    Hi to you. I think you have just spoken for a lot of us who really don’t know how to express our feelings - or don’t want to because we are scared I know I am and I probably think about how the end will be every day and I shove it to the back of my mind

    Where I live there is nothing like Aid for Dying but if there was I think I would sign up

    I don’t know if my diagnosis will appear at the bottom because something is wrong with the site but I am about the same as you 2009 first diagnosis then 2021 Mets to lung. Just lately a cough and pain in hip,,,,,,,,

    Since Covid my life also consists of cooking phone calls and Netflix ,biographies and documentaries on utube. What great inventions

    I still go to the supermarket but get the heavy stuff delivered and manage a walk now and then

    I think I probably have some sort of atypical depression but I darent mention that cos I’ll get another load of drugs or get arrested by the Positivity Police for negative thoughts!!
    Keep cooking 🧑🍳

    Sending wishes and kind thoughts


  • amontro
    amontro Member Posts: 185
    edited March 2022

    annadou -

    So sorry we had to meet this way.

    As of a year ago, I held off on getting my own computer (I used to go to the library), and it't been a blessing for all the reasons you mentioned and more.

    I have been treated for depression since before Stage 4 and it has held up through now. You are right, when you admit it, you'll get more drugs to take. I have to say that ,without the help, I'd be a basket case. We are allowed to get depressed negatively because we have to face the truth. What others don't understand is that we get it over with and put on a face to make things happy again and sometimes feel that way.

    I will look for more of your posts and if you need to reach out to me, please do.