Cysts - Do I need to do anything? Im still worrying.

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A small (4mm) cyst was found in my left breast in my annual mammogram in January, 2021. I had a follow-up mammogram and ultrasound 6 months later (July 2021) as recommended by the radiologist. That test showed the cyst had increased in size to 5mm. I had another mammo and ultrasound 6 months after that, (January 2022) and the cyst had again increased in size to 6mm. My oncologist insisted that it is definitely a cyst and I do not need to worry or do anything about it and recommended having my next mammogram in a year. My question is (and to my oncologist) is how big does the cyst have to get before you do something about it (if anything)? She said that unless it bothers me and causes pain usually do anything about them. Obviously I'm not comfortable with finding out it keeps getting bigger every 6 months. We discussed having getting it aspirated, but she said it was so small that she didn't think they would get anything out of it. Has anyone else had a similar experience with cysts?


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    priss1, it appears you've talked this over with your team. I'd go with their recommendation and just have them check it with annual mammogram. I've learned that many cysts, no matter what the size, are not problematic unless they rupture. I had one rupture and get infected, and then it was recommended it be surgically removed once the infection was tamed by antibiotics. Another cyst I have in the other breast has been fine for 20 years!

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    A tiny cyst getting a tiny bit bigger is nothing to be uncomfortable about. The only thing you need to do is stop worrying!

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    Since my original post in March concerning a cyst that was found in my left breast, I had another 6 month follow up last month and the cyst has again increased in size to 7mm. Also, the radiologist wants to aspirate and possibly biopsy, if needed at the time, because she said that it appears to have slight irregular borders now and she just wants to be sure that it is nothing more. She did not seem overly concerned and she seemed confident that it will turn out to be a simple fluid filled cyst. As a matter of fact, when she came into the exam room the first thing she said was "don't worry - everything is ok". I noticed that each of the 4 follow up mammos and ultrasounds that I've had since the discovery of the cyst were all read by different radiologists. My oncology nurses also told me that the cyst appears to be normal. I'm hoping they're right! I'm scheduled for the aspiration/biopsy (if needed) September 12. Has anyone else experienced cysts with irregular borders? Thank you.