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needing support

momand2kids Member Posts: 118

Hi all,

back after my MRI in Sept-they found fat necrosis in my left breast--everything else ok-- of course in September I was only a little worried-but now I go back on 3/29- and a little anxious-- I am trying to reassure myself with the report from then which was "unlikely to be malignant" but you know how it goes.... just looking for good thoughts !!!!


  • ctmbsikia
    ctmbsikia Member Posts: 749

    I've been there. Usually 2 weeks before a test or an appointment I get anxious. Try to tell myself just worry about it when it happens, but when they see something, they follow it, and being in the 6 month club is no fun. It has gotten a bit better with time and having more knowledge (thanks to everyone @ I just had an MRI last week, and finally no more see you in 6 months!!!

    Best of luck and sending good thoughts to you to just get through it with clear results.

  • lillyishere
    lillyishere Member Posts: 769

    "unlikely to be malignant" is a typical note in all benign tests I had. No one says 100% is not malignant. If the radiologist was a bit suspicious would have recommended other tests before the 6-month mark. Good luck on march 29.

  • quietgirl
    quietgirl Member Posts: 165

    So I was going to write something more but decided that I would just send you a picture of my new desk accessory. It’s the angel of good health. I try to remind myself that worrying isn’t going to change the outcome of any test but it’s not always easy. Thinking of you and wishing you peace

  • krystinem
    krystinem Member Posts: 7

    Hang in there!!

    I totally get what you are feeling. I do pretty well, up until close to appointment or scan time.

    Scanxiety is real and a totally normal response. I hope you are able to find somethings to distract yourself while you are waiting.

  • momand2kids
    momand2kids Member Posts: 118

    Thanks all-- it gets a little easier each year-but it never ocmpletely disappears-- I did also have a PCP appointment scheduled on the same day- I rescheduled--only so much stress in one day- and I usually race back to the office, but I am just going to take the day off---- just feeling the need to slow it all down.

    I am optimistic about the outcome, but as the day grows nearer, the anxiety grows.--LOVE the angel of good health!!!

  • momand2kids
    momand2kids Member Posts: 118


    so I had to change the appointment to Monday 4/4-- so just a few more days until I can move on!!

  • ilctimes3
    ilctimes3 Member Posts: 2

    Does anyone else have 3 ILC in one breast? One is HER+ one is HER- Had 2 lumpectomys : one with 2 very small tumors, one with an ILC Mass. Now am in Chemotherapy and having a very hard time controlling the side effects. This is my second fight with breast cancer. The first was 18 years ago with no problems.

  • hlya
    hlya Member Posts: 29

    Hi, I hear you! We all went through the hard time and I totally understand the feeling. Talk to us if that would help you better! Heart