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Pre-Surgery Dye Injection

val1127 Member Posts: 13

Hey everyone

I thought I would share my radioisotope dye injection right before my MX. I had read and heard painful stories so I was a little concerned. As it turned out it was very easy. One little injection (Sub-q) in the upper outer quadrant. Apparently they are using a different dye now that is much easier on patients.

Anyway I hope my experience helps to reduce any anxiety you may be feeling if you are having a sentinel node biopsy soon.

Take care



  • sarahmaude
    sarahmaude Member Posts: 319
    edited March 2022

    Thank you for sharing! I’m having my surgery next week, which starts with sentinel node dye injection and insertion of wire guides. I have to get up early to apply EMLA cream, so I was a little worried, since I didn’t need to do that for my biopsies.

    I was actually just wondering how that would go.

  • jons_girl
    jons_girl Member Posts: 433
    edited March 2022

    something else they don't tell you is you pee blue post surgery. I didn't have a mastectomy. I had a lumpectomy and had to pee after surgery and freaked a bit when I went to flush blue pee.

  • Kkubsky
    Kkubsky Member Posts: 47
    edited March 2022

    I had this procedure last Thursday. It really was no big deal. I did pee a lovely shade of blue for several days.

  • val1127
    val1127 Member Posts: 13
    edited March 2022

    sarahmaude - My doc did not order the cream which made me concerned as well. Turned out to be nothing.

    The blue dye is injected during surgery - so there are 2 different types of dye. They use a geiger counter type thing to pick up the radioisotope in the nodes during surger. The blue dye helps them find them visually.

    Yes the blue was very Smurf-like for a day. Best of luck and prayers for all the upcoming surgeries.

  • ARJal
    ARJal Member Posts: 18
    edited March 2022

    Thank you for this, having surgery tomorrow and was really worried about this procedure. Hugs!

  • sarahmaude
    sarahmaude Member Posts: 319
    edited April 2022

    Just had my lumpectomy including dye injection today. It was not bad at all. The EMLA cream was helpful for sure. It went just below the skin, so much easier than anything else I have happen such as lidocaine injections and biopsies. Mine was radioactive, and apparently not the kind that makes my urine blue.