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Kidney Issues w/AC+T?

nns121317 Member Posts: 116

I had 4 rounds of AC, and I've completed 10 of 12 rounds of Taxol. Last Friday I developed some back pain, frothy urine, and burning when I urinated, so I went to urgent care. My urinalysis showed white blood cells, blood, and protein in my urine. They prescribed antibiotics, which did nothing to alleviate my symptoms. Today my urine culture came back negative for any bacteria at all, so I don't have a UTI. My symptoms are getting worse. I'm playing phone tag with my MOs office, so in the meantime, has anyone experienced kidney issues from chemo? Or is this a different problem?


  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,410
    edited April 2022

    From my blood work at the time, my kidney function was definitely affected by chemo but I didn't notice any discomfort or frothy urine. Are you drinking plenty of water? Hope they can get it figured out soon and you'll feel better.