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Opinions on a lump on the chest - recurrent patients


Hello all - I went through Stage IIB Triple Negative breast cancer in 2013. Had double mastectomy, red devil chemo, rads. Whole nine yards. Now I'm 8 years cancer free. HOWEVER, 2 weeks ago, I felt a flat, immobile, very slightly tender lump on my chest almost exactly between my "breasts" (I had reconstruction with silicone implants in 2014). It's about 1" across and feels like it's getting a little more dome-like. I went for a consult today and all she had to say was I need an ultrasound (which I expected) and said it may be fat necrosis. My question is for those who have had recurrence via finding a new lump. Has anyone found a lump on their chest? Can you describe what it felt like...size, shape? My u/s is on April 27th. I guess I'm really just looking for reassurance that this might be fat necrosis although to have it 8 years out seems unusual. Thanks for listening.