swim suit for unilateral mastectomy

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Hi there - Does anyone have a recommendation for what to do/wear for swimming? I had a unilateral mastectomy so I have one side that is a saggy 36 B and a flat other side. I know there are plenty of tops out there with slots for removable prothesis - which I have. What I'm wondering is if anyone has experimented with using a chest binder to make the one side be smaller so it will look more natural? I really don't know what I want. Just looking for ideas. Thanks in advance!


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    I'm not sure which side you are trying to adjust! A sports bra or a second layer might help with the remaining breast. Or adding weight to a prosthetic might help it match the other boob. Or a different shaped prosthetic? Or another thing to try is a style of suit with a ruffle or looser top that doesn't clearly outline your chest so it doesn't matter if they match or not.
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    My natural breast was larger than yours. know I had to experiment with the size of my prosthesis, and also wear a fairly supportive top to make them look even. Have you checked out the Amoena Aqua Wave prosthesis, which is made especially for swimming? It comes in fourteen sizes.

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    Thank you! I have not checked out Amoena, but I will right now. I appreciate it!