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Bilateral Non Mass Enhancement

ana526 Member Posts: 3

Hello Everyone.

My mother had breast cancer at 54 years old and she is thriving right now. We just recently found out that My mother, myself and my sister are all BRCA 2+.

Starting last year, I've had rotation of Breast MRI and Mammogram which were all negative. Im 34 years old with two children.

Except two weeks ago, my Breast MRI showed 8mm on my left breast non mass linear enhancement with progressive kinetics a focal 4mm enhancement on my left and Right breast 9mm non mass linear enhancement with progressive kinetics.

I got a Birad 4A and on the report says, given that MRI guided biopsy are negative on both breast, to monitor the 4mm focal enhancement in 6 months with another breast MRI.

I waited two weeks for my biopsy. It will be this Friday. I lost 10 lbs and i am so nervous.

I also had this breast MRI on the first day of my period....the breast surgeon said it can be hormonal but because I'm high risk, I still need the biopsies.

Just so nervous....


  • rah2464
    rah2464 Member Posts: 1,192

    Ana bless your heart I am sorry you are having to go through this stress. Here's the thing - an MRI sees pretty much everything. That can be both good and bad. It can lead to additional biopsies and you already know how stressful the waiting can be. With you being BRCA+, you are at an increased risk for breast cancer but it isn't an absolute given either. Thus the need for increased monitoring at an earlier age. Try to distract yourself with things you enjoy if possible as you wait for the biopsy and then the results. If you are finding the stress too much, speak with your doctor about something to ease your anxiety. There is no shame in that we have all been there and it is very ok to ask for some assistance in managing it. I truly hope that the biopsy is easy for you and that you have benign results. Please update us on how you are doing.

  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 727

    This is the ugly downside of high risk monitoring. MRIs are beasts.

    I get MRI monitoring because of family history and personal history. My first time going for a biopsy was grueling. But what I told myself was that if it *IS* cancer, I'll be glad to have caught it as early as possible. If it's not cancer, then my worry will have been wasted. And that worry is literally the cost to pay for the potential benefit of MRI screening.

    Only you can decide whether the cost in anxiety is worth the potential benefit. The doctor can just advise. For myself, I decided it was. But you can ask for anti anxiety meds and/or seek therapy to help, if you decide to stick with it.

  • monarchandthemilkweed
    monarchandthemilkweed Member Posts: 149

    hi, sorry you are going through this. Did just want to say when I was getting breast MRI’s I was always told to schedule 10 days after my period. I was instructed to call on day 1 of my period to schedule. Hopefully som of what was seen on the mri was indeed hormonal. Hang in there!

  • wondering44
    wondering44 Member Posts: 247


    I, too, am awaiting an MRI-guided biopsy for a 2.2 cm linear non-mass enhancement with a single-duct nipple discharge and a biopsy for seven areas of grouped/clustered microcalcifications in my left breast. I find comfort in knowing that it will be diagnosed earlier rather than later if I receive a positive result, and cancer treatment, when diagnosed early, has excellent results.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the right breast last year. Perhaps, if this had been the standard for me (no family history of breast cancer), I would have been diagnosed much earlier.

    The waiting is difficult. It is okay to ask your doctor what to do to help with any anxiety during the wait. I send warm thoughts while you wait. May you get benign results.

  • ana526
    ana526 Member Posts: 3

    hello everyone! I got benign results for both breasts! Thank you for your warm responses!!! It’s been a miserable two weeks and I’m glad it’s over

  • kksmom3
    kksmom3 Member Posts: 101

    So glad to hear that! Yes, it is miserable!

  • wondering44
    wondering44 Member Posts: 247

    Happy to hear you got benign results. Wonderful!!!

  • katg
    katg Member Posts: 206

    Wonderful news you are benign. Now you know testing i important and not always bad. I had hoped benign but got introduced to genetics and an outcome i am still working on. All is possible to walk through. i hope you have many nights of good, good sleep.

  • cathy67
    cathy67 Member Posts: 409


    Happy for you!!

    Your post is so meaningful for me, and thanks for others' comments. I will go for biopsy tomorrow.