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Post Chemo CT-Scan

rjh18 Member Posts: 3

My wife has almost completed her chemo and the doctor has ordered a CT-Scan. Originally he wanted a PET scan but insurance wouldn't pay. Is it normal protocol to order a CT-Scan shortly before the end of chemo? I heard that there are often many false positives and negatives and that the scan doesn't tell you much. She was diagosed with Stage 1 PR+ ER+ HER- last December and had surgery to remove one microscopic tumor. We opted for chemo because the Oncotype score was high. The PA said something about a baseline but I am confused if this is the right way to go.


  • SerenitySTAT
    SerenitySTAT Member Posts: 3,534
    edited May 2022

    rjh - Your post got buried under the deluge of posts by the mods so I'm bumping you up.

    I was at a later stage and had a bone scan after chemo/rads because I had increased sciatic pain. It was clear. I did have a CT scan before chemo. Did your wife?

    Hope others will share their experiences.

  • redcanoe
    redcanoe Member Posts: 72
    edited May 2022

    I think it is a bit unusual if she already had surgery to remove her tumour and it was stage one. I had a scan right after my surgery because the cancer was more advanced than thought and then another after chemo because the first scan had a couple small lung nodules.