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ILC Operation on the lungs.

savaloko Member Posts: 30

I want to decide and find out if you acted the way I want to do it.

There is a tumor in the left breast. The tumor decreased within two years. But now, after 2 years, increased by Ribociclib-Letrozole. Also, a focus appeared with uneven contours, in the right lung - 6-8 mm. Perhaps this is the remnants of Covid, which was in the month of February this year.

Expression: HER2neo/c-erb-B2 1(+), Estrogen - 100%

I don't want to use chemo, Is it possible to use Faslodex?

And the most important question... Has anyone done thoracic lung surgery despite the fact that the main tumor in the mammary gland has not been removed? And if there are any, share your experience and your example.Yes, stage 4

The main tumor writes that it is inoperable because of its size. But over the past two years, it has decreased significantly, despite a slight increase now.