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wildcat05 Member Posts: 2
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I spent 27 days reading all of the posts on here over and over during my wait but never had the courage to post during that ordeal. I decided I needed to post my experience because I gained so much info from others and every time I read a post that seemed to fit my situation, it helped. I would be so disappointed though when the OP never updated results, so I told myself I would come back and let others know my situation in case it helped them. On 4/13 I went for my annual exam with gyno and they added a screening mammo since I just turned 40. I wasn’t even worried about the results, the tech and then my dr. Warned me not to panic if I got a call back, a lot do on their first screening. I was told I would get a phone call if I needed to come back. Well exactly 2 weeks go by without a call, so I assume I am in the clear, the letter would be on its way saying everything was normal. Nope, that afternoon I see the number on my phone and I was told that an area of asymmetry was found on my right breast, I need to come in for diagnostic mammo and u/s. Ok, still not panicking, I was warned of this. This was on 4/27, the earliest I could get an appt. Would be 5/13. So that gave me plenty of time to google then start panicking. I found this site and it helped calm my fears and I read a lot of posts saying that it could be overlapping tissue, so I tried to hold on to that. I went on 5/13 for the follow-up then 6 more days go by without a call, but then that afternoon they call to tell me I need to go in for biopsy. Thankfully I asked some questions because up to this point I had no clue what was going on and the nurse was about to hang up without any explanation. She informed me I had dense breast and a 6mm mass was found on the mammo but not u/s. They need to biopsy to find out what it was. Thanks to this site I knew to ask what birads it was, it was a 4a she said, dr. Put lowest suspicion. That helped a little bit I was so scared and nervous. I went on 5/23 for the biopsy. The tech and radiologist were amazing. I didn’t really have any pain during biopsy. It was a little uncomfortable laying on table that long but only felt a little pressure during the biopsy. The tech gave me a packet of all the diagnosis that I could hear when they call, both benign and malignant. She told me not to read it yet and worry myself but after the biopsy as I was leaving she told me it would be ok if I read about fibroademas. I tried to take that as a sign that she thought that was what it was. I was told I would hear something on Wednesday between 2 and 4. I iced all evening until I went to bed and wore a sports bra. I haven’t had any bruising yet from the biopsy after 5 days and never had to take any Tylenol. No pain thankfully! So here is the good part, I ended up getting a call on Tuesday. I started getting nervous that it may be bad since they were calling earlier than told. It was BENIGN!!! Fibrocystic breast tissue, see you in a year. I am so thankful for good results and thankful for all of you! You helped me so much even though I had never posted on here. I pray for everyone on here and going through this whether you have already been diagnosed or waiting for answers


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    Thanks for the post, I just experienced almost the same, I started on April 12, then ends on May 13, but I reported the lump on March 9, so long waiting .. thanks God, now I back to the normal life. Enjoy everyday, till next routine.

    Also, ten years ago, I experienced the same scare at my 1st screening mammogram, when I was 45.


  • wildcat05
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    Glad everything turned out ok for you too Cathy! Definitely enjoying life more and not taking things for granted after that scare! The waiting is horrible