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I3C and Her2 breast cancer


Greetings ladies!

I hope someone here can answer a few questions about DIM and I3C. I had stage 2 bc. Er+ Her2 ++. I’ve been through chemo and herceptin. Now I’m supposed to be on an AI. Im 59 years old and at the time of my cancer diagnosis in 2020 I was not through menopause yet. Because of a blood clot after Covid my onc will not put me on tamoxifen. So that means zoladex injections every month plus I’m having a hard time with the AI. Currently, I have been off zoladex for 8 weeks. And my onc is running labs to try and figure out if I’m in menopause or not. So far estrogen is low but fsh is not where it needs to be. I get one more month off of zoladex and if my numbers aren’t where they need to be I’m back on zoladex which I don’t want. So here’s my question.

First, if I’m her2++ can I safely use DIM/ I3C? Two, do I take DIM or I3C or doesn’t it matter? Years ago I heard DIM was for premenopausal and I3C for post. Is that still true or has thinking changed on that?

Thank you for helping me figure this out.