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Everolimus before capecitabine?

wiziz Member Posts: 2

It seems Verzenios (abemaciclib) and fulvestrant has stopped working for me and my consultant has offered Capecitabine as the next treatment option. I haven't had chemotherapy before so this scares me a bit especially when I read the side effects!
I haven't had everolimus and exemestane so was wondering if anyone has tried this before going onto Capecitabine? Is it more easily tolerated? Does it have less side effects?

Thanks guys - not been on here since I was first diagnosedback in 2008.


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,202

    wiziz, sorry you have to be here again, but welcome! We're sure someone will be along shortly who can weigh in with their own experiences and advice on this treatment. Until then, you may wat to read through the pages of our popular thread called: All about Xeloda (Capecitabine).

    Also, you might find this info on what to expect and side effects of Xeloda helpful.

    We hope this helps and we look forward to hearing more from you soon!

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  • sadiesservant
    sadiesservant Member Posts: 1,875

    Hi wiziz,

    My oncologist likes to cycle between chemo and endocrine treatments. I think his approach is to try to avoid endocrine resistance as long as possible. I went from an AI/Ibrance to Capecitabine, then to Faslodex (layering in Verzenio a couple of years later, back to Capecitabine, and then on to other chemos that have unfortunately failed. I’m now back on Capecitabine for the third time.

    Capecitabine is a very tolerable treatment with few side effects, at least in my case. The most challenging is the hand and foot syndrome which causes dryness, pain and cracking of the skin on your hands and feet. However, it’s very manageable with frequent use of moisturizer. I find this time I have more fatigue and brain fog but the effects are cumulative so I guess that’s not surprising. I suspect my MO will adjust my dose for the next cycle.

    I would recommend trying Capecitabine over going on Exemestane and Everolimus. Some ladies were on Capecitabine for years (in my case I have issues with toxicity to the marrow which is why my MO did not want me to stay on it). Everolimus, in particular, is a really tough drug to manage. My MO mentioned that few patients can tolerate it (I believe mouth sores are a major issue).

    I hope this is helpful and you are able to land on an effective treatment

  • wiziz
    wiziz Member Posts: 2

    Thanks sadiesservant. I’ve read through quite a few of the Xeloda posts nowand it does seem as if everyone has a different reaction. I guess I’ll have to try it and see what happens! Fingers crossed.

  • nkb
    nkb Member Posts: 1,561

    Whizz- when ibrance and fulvastrant failed I went on Everolimus and exemestane. I consulted with UCSF and read a lot of material and that was the advice from everyone. it worked for 10 months and I found it easy to take. after it failed I went on Capecitabine and have been on it for 2 years- it is starting to fail now also.. My MO said that I would cycle through them both and the order wasn't that important- some people don't tolerate A/A easily especially if you have blood sugar problems- and some people don't tolerate Capcitabine well.

    It is nice to have options

  • weninwi
    weninwi Member Posts: 671


    What side effects did you have while on Everolimus? Did they resolve after you were off treatment?


  • nkb
    nkb Member Posts: 1,561


    I did really well on Everolimus- was on 10 mg per day. my labs were good, my hair was luscious I did do the recommended swishing with a steroid mouthwash to prevent mouth sores for 2 months and then stopped (this is a hope Rugo study if you want to check it out) I had no mouth sores. lots of symptoms I had from Ibrance went away. I think I was tired first 2 months. it worked for 10 months. my MO did say that most of her patients have more side effects than I had- you can lower the dose as well. I took it with aromasin.

  • weninwi
    weninwi Member Posts: 671


    Oh thank you for your message! I'm encouraged and hope I do as well and last as long as you did. I've been back and forth in my mind for about 2 weeks trying to decided between Everolimus + Fulvestrant or participating in a study for Pembrolizamab + Fulvestrant. I finally decided on Everolimus. I will definitely use the mouth wash and my periodontist has also recommended using AO Provantage gel 3-4x daily - it's an antioxidant gel available on Amazon. And thank you for mentioning the Hope Rugo study. I've been watching discussions she leads on YouTube from the ASCO Breast Cancer Update 2022.