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Seeking DIEP flap recovery tips

beebee22 Member Posts: 45

Hi all, I am sure this can be something repeating somewhere, but I couldn't find anything specific for wound care experiences. Hope you don't mind me asking.

I did a left mastectomy and Diep flap end of last month. About 2-week post op now. My belly button is oozing like crazy and the wound start weeping and with light yellowish discharge. I have visited my PS twice, she examined the wound and said it will take some time. I was given some dressing. When I was out from the surgery, I noticed the wound was with stitches and layers of glue on top. The glue is already off now after multiple wash.

Anyone had similar experience, how's ur DIEP flap wound recovery like? Any kind of dressing your PS is using or you have an open wound like me. How long it takes for it to look normal and dry off or stop granulating. Did you find diffixulty wearing udnerwear or pants? When you start to apply scar cream? Anything related is much appreciated.