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Hi All,

2 months after bilateral mastectomy, i have developed seroma. The surgery site had healed well, however, it opened up due to the fluid buildup inside the tissue. I am also going thru chemo. I saw the doc for the seroma. He showed me how to pack the wound and i have been packing it for a month now. However, recently i have developed a painful lump. I am asked to massage the lump away. I have heard due to chemo, it will take a long time for it to heal. Wondering how long is long ?

Has anyone experienced this ? How long does it take to heal completely.


  • ceanna
    ceanna Member Posts: 3,120

    whimsical, I'm sorry you're experiencing a seroma on top of dealing with chemo. Seromas are all different and some are drained, and some take longer to heal. I can't address yours specifically, because I had an LX and no chemo to deal with when I had mine. Mine did take weeks to stop growing and more weeks to heal after being drained twice.

    This reply will bump your question back up to the top of the "Active Topics" list and someone with a more similar situation will, I hope, reply. Please bear with the BCO threads for slow replies as the site is experiencing technical difficulties and many people have left or limit time here in frustration.

  • Thank you Ceanna for the response. It is very frustrating to go thru this pain on top of everything else. I have heard some seroma take months, some even years to heal. I just started massaging the hard lump and it seems to turn a little softer. Not sure if this helps in healing. I hoping to hear some tips to help with the pain or heal it quickly. What worked or did not work.

  • ceanna
    ceanna Member Posts: 3,120

    Is the hard lump where the fluid has accumulated? Maybe the massage helps it drain. I did have pain also and found that wrapping the area by wearing a breast binder helped. Not sure why, since it would seem pressure would make the pain worse, but it did the opposite. Here's the one I wore. Got first one through Breast Center and bought a second through Amazon. It was comfortable, easily washable, and because the location of my seroma was nearer to my armpit, it seemed to put pressure on the right spot. Hope you heal quickly!

    Breast Binder with Dri Release for Added Comfort (X-Large 40"-45", Pink Floral Lined)

  • janewhite
    janewhite Member Posts: 49

    The pressure helps because it keeps the fluid from accumulating in the space under the skin and helps that space close up.

  • jh40
    jh40 Member Posts: 140

    I too have a seroma on my surgery side (bilateral mastectomy) and some fluid build up in my armpit and just below it. I'm 7 weeks post surgery. Mine is not painful and isn't bothering me too much really but I'd like to hear how to keep it from getting any worse if anyone has advice?

    I'm told they sometimes take ages to reabsorb and that some don't and instead calcify and can then be removed.

    What experiences have others had with this?

  • Jh40- I'm just shy of 4 weeks out from bilateral, and I'm having this on my right side, as well. I'm going in to see my surgeon's PA in a few hours, where she is going to aspirate it. We originally opted to leave it alone, but it's become too much. Mine feels like a burning sensation, and it's keeping me up all night due to the discomfort. Keeping pressure on it has helped a lot. Wishing you well.

  • jh40
    jh40 Member Posts: 140

    icouldreallyuseacupcake - thanks for responding! I had the burning sensation for the first couple weeks while I was stretching but that has gone now. I have some slight discomfort and a feeling like I have something under my arm. I haven't used pressure but I'll try that. Have you been using a binder?

    I'd love to know how the aspiration goes for you! I wonder if I should talk to my surgeon about this.

  • themrslewis
    themrslewis Member Posts: 10

    I had the same situation. A week post LX and sentinel node biopsy I started having swelling in my armpit. They said it should go away and then yesterday I just broke down from discomfort. I knew it didn’t feel right and I was correct. They drained 50cc from me today. This is a lot for my frame (112 lbs). Am hoping it goes away now for good. They told me to roll up a washcloth and keep it under my armpit for compression. Hope you get some relief and it doesn’t get any worae