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Breast pain when wearing a bra/swimsuit

EminGA2018 Member Posts: 21
edited June 2022 in Breast Reconstruction

Hi. I had a DMX last August. I had a revision and fat transfer at the end of this past December. Overall..I am just really happy to still be here and good with the aesthetic results. However, I have pain in my breastbone and under my implants when wearing a bra or swimsuit though. I am pretty active. I do spin classes, walk 2 miles each day and lift weights 3-5x a week. I am trying to find a bra that doesn't compress so much but gives some support. I have tried t-shirt bras, tank bras..long-lined bralettes.. I have two drawers of bras and several swimsuits but after about 30 minutes...I have a burning pain in my breastbone and underneath the breasts.

Anyone else experience this?The only comfort I get is going braless which doesn't work for workouts or trips to the pool. Any recommendations welcome!!!


  • obsolete
    obsolete Member Posts: 333

    Hi, so sorry you're having such a painfully frustrating experience, as I had with bras. Yes, I know exactly what you mean by that awful "burning pain" sensation over the breastbone area. I had that same constant pain except when braless, but only on the lumpectomy side. (My lumpectomy area had been too large an area.)

    Nothing in any bra style or price range had really worked for me except "brand-new" undersized front closure cotton Fruit-Of-The-Loom stretchy sports bras (but contributed to nasty frozen shoulder because I wore & needed them too tight). But after washing & wearing, most bras seemed to lose some of their compression abilities. My pain had because intolerable, so daily CBD oils took the edge off during the workday while wearing iron bras.

    Months later, for other reasons, I had then needed a BMX, thank goodness, and I had decided to go flat because of the prior breastbone pain problems. Problem solved for me, flat & happy since the BMX. Hoping 🙏 you find your own solutions. Good luck.

  • dani444
    dani444 Member Posts: 215

    I am sorry you are having pain. I feel like I am wearing a tight bra most of the time evenwhen I am bra less. I have tried so many bras I mostly just wear a tank or nothing. I can wear a bra for a short period and the only one I can stand is a soma bralette one size bigger than I actually need. I get anxiety just thinking about bra shopping so kudos to you for having the ability to acquire a drawer full!!!! I actually cut the bra lining out of my swimsuit because I can’t stand the band, super uncomfortable and then painful if I wear it too long. I wish I had an answer to your problem, I am right there with you.

  • Mangosan99
    Mangosan99 Member Posts: 38

    I don't have a great solution but just wanted to empathize. I have the same problem. I do about the same amount and type of activity and experience the what sounds like very similar symptoms. The only sports bra that I have found that is remotely comfortable is this style: Amazon Sports Bra. I have a very long torso and it seems this style is long enough to minimize the riding up and cutting into the "seam" under my implants. For swimsuits, I just have some that are more comfortable than others but nothing specific. Hope you find some releif!

  • EminGA2018
    EminGA2018 Member Posts: 21

    mangosan99 thank you! I didn't know how to describe it but it is just like you said..along the bottom "seam" of the implants. I wonder if I have a long torso as well. I'll try that bra you mentioned...thanks for relating...just knowing that this isn't some weird symptom that I alone have least I know there isn't necessarily anything "wrong".

  • EminGA2018
    EminGA2018 Member Posts: 21

    dani444 I never thought about cutting the lining out of my swimsuits. That's a really smart idea. The band around the bottom of the "shelf" is horrendous! It starts burning after a while. I'm sorry you're feeling discomfort too.

  • EminGA2018
    EminGA2018 Member Posts: 21

    obsolete I am so glad you found some relief after going flat. I fantasize about doing that sometimes. After my BMX, I had my drains curve around the implant and "meet" at the point that causes me the most discomfort. I was desperate to get those out and it helped but I still have the pain with certain bras. Did you have something similar..I just wonder what causes that burning breastbone sensation. Thanks for your helps knowing that this is probably just a normal side effect.