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Just feel like I keep adding another doctor into the mix


10 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (not a shock due to family history), high blood pressure (no exactly a surprise except for how high it was at the time) and surprise surprise Congenital heart defect (which no one seemed all that concerned about). My blood pressure has been under control for years and my diabetes in a very acceptable all things considered range. Fast forward to the start of the year (an issue with my doctors office and how they send over a prescription for reapproval) and then all the lovely treatment. I have added an endocrinologist to the mix (just feel like just felt like it was a logical step based on a number of factors) but now I’m feeling like I may be headed to a cardiologist as well (because in 2020 when they did my last heart workup the general statement was as long as my blood pressure stays under control and I don’t have a lot of stress I should be fine). Somehow I feel like the last 6 months isn’t the low stress they were talking about. Just trying to decide which of my many doctors I should get the referral from.


  • ratherbesailing
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    Quietgirl -

    I understand what you're going through with multiple doctors! Do you have a primary care physician (PCP?) And do you trust that s/he is good? My experience is that one specialist recommends another specialist. And specialists are great at their slice of treatment, but may not see the whole picture of your health or may not be aware of what other conditions or treatments you are going through.

    In theory, your PCP should see the "whole picture" and have an understanding of how diabetes, heart and other possible issues like apnea intertwine. But I've found many specialists do not send my PCP their reports - even though they have his info on file - so he gets only a scattershot picture of what's going on.

    To circle back to your original question, I would ask your PCP to make referrals to specialists. That way they will send reports back to the PCP (and you should make certain your cancer team does that - mine never did.) Of course, this is dependent on your feeling confident in your PCP. Or in finding a PCP you like if you don't already have one.

    Wishing you the best.

  • alicebastable
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    I never expected a guarantee that I'd only have ONE medical issue, either consecutively or concurrently.

    Right before I had my lumpectomy in 2018, a scan found kidney cancer and an aortic aneurysm. I've got diabetes and high blood pressure, both more or less controlled, galloping arthritis that has led to a hip replacement, use of a cane because my knee is a mess, and cortisone injections in my neck. I've had endometrial cancer and lightweight skin cancers and fatty lipomas that required surgery. I did drop my cardio-thoracic doctor since the aneurysm is relatively stable, and my PCP monitors that through the yearly scans I get as follow-ups to the kidney cancer surgery. If needed, she'll refer me back to him. Actually, finding a PCP I really trust has made my life much easier because I know that she keeps up to date on everything going on with me through my urologist and oncologist. And although I sometimes think I need a magic umbrella to keep any more sky from falling, I still lead a more or less normal life, minus hiking, damn it! And lifting heavy objects. But I have no reason to expect I won't have other parts fall apart, or off, during the rest of my life. Having had one, or several, things does not grant immunity from anything else happening.