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fla8 Member Posts: 1

Hi, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was very thankful to have my yearly mammogram that found it. I am currently going grocery through Moffitt cancer and was fine with the usual lumpectomy and radiation but when they did the gene counseling I was diagnosed with the atm gene mutation. Now that was a different ballgame. I was adopted and did not have info well not much. I did find my birth mothers sister who told me that the mother died of pancreatic cancer and now I understand this gene mutation is breast and pancreatic cancers. I have decided to do a double mastectomy since having to keep up with every 6 months screening on breast and pancreas is just overwhelming for me. After this surgery I will have to just maintain the pancreas.

My fear is the double mastectomy and implants so many people have horrible stories I am currently scared about this. My surgery is next week. thanks for your advise


  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,404
    edited June 2022

    Hello and welcome; I'm so sorry for your diagnosis but you have come to a good place. We all understand what you're going through. The mastectomy is hard but doable. I chose no reconstruction so I can't comment on that, but you'll do fine. Do you have someone to help out after your surgery? The drains can be a bit annoying and it's nice if someone can help. You'll be restricted in the amount of weight you can pick up, and also how high you can raise your arms for a while. I'm sure you'll get good aftercare instructions when you are released from the hospital.

    My very best wishes to you for a comfortable recovery. Try not to worry if you can.

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,968
    edited June 2022


    Sorry that you find yourself facing more surgery. Although going through it is a bit of a bummer the prophylactic effect will be worth it.

    I had one step (no TE's) recon almost 11 years ago. I haven't had a problem with them and surgery/recovery were far easier than I imagined. One steps are not widely done but my ps had a good bit of experience with them. A skin sparing surgery is usually necessary for this.

    Most have TE's, expanders, prior to the actual implants. Hopefully someone with personal experience will comment soon. Good luck to you.

    PS: Just read lw422’s post and I agree. The drains were not painful just so very, very annoying!

  • WC3
    WC3 Member Posts: 658
    edited June 2022

    Hi fla8:

    Sorry you've had to join us. I had a skin sparring bilateral mastectomy (bmx) with pre-pec expanders placed and later switched out for implants. The bmx was uneventful and I had no complications even though my case was challenging. I experienced some pain issues of unknown cause with the exchange surgery but they resolved when I had my port removed.