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LD flap surgery - can you share your post-op experiences?

tovahsmom Member Posts: 8

I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and have been radiated twice. I opted for no reconstruction after a unilateral mastectomy in 2019 and am now having a latissimus dorsi flap surgery on August 19. I am not getting a new breast however, rather just a flap to cover up a chronic wound over my mastectomy scar. I developed atypical vascular lesions two years out from my second bout of radiation. These are a rare complication of radiation therapy and I am told that I am one of only two hundred cases worldwide. I had four of these lesions removed last August and the sutures never closed the incision so now I am faced with yet another surgery. I would love to hear what I can expect after surgery. The surgery is on a Friday and I was told I'd be in the hospital until the following Wednesday. Was five days in the hospital your experience too? Will my arm be in a sling? Did you regain full range of motion? How soon? Are you able to raise your arm to get into a t-shirt? Or do you need a shirt with buttons since you can't lift your arm? Is it painful afterwards? Were you able to wipe yourself after using the bathroom without worrying about busting a stitch? Any information you are willing to share about the aftermath of your LD flap surgery I would love to hear. Thank you so much.