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Reconstruction revision after rupture: Advise please

ailenroc Member Posts: 21
edited August 2022 in Breast Reconstruction

2008 BMX, with silicone reconstruction; Right rupture now: I need to have surgery asap due to swelling and pain. PS has scheduled me for 8/23/22; I need to prepare for pre-op visit: what questions do I need to ask? How have implants changed: Allergan / Mentor? which is better?

I never had capsular contracture, but he plans to do capsulectomy. Can new implants work after removal of capsule – given that I have no breast tissue and only thin skin?

He mentioned potential for GalaFlex tissue matrix for support. Anyone have that? Is that advisable? I remember from long ago that some people had inflammation/rejection with tissue matrix.

Any advise or and extensive list of questions to ask and issues to think about would be much appreciated.