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Mimi050210 Member Posts: 1

hello all. I was diagnosed with IDC with micropapillary features back in 2017 and had double mastectomy with no reconstruction in January 2018. I was on Tamoxifen for a year and have had no other treatment. Back in April this year I had a bump come up on my mastectomy scar of my affected breast side. After a few days it went away but there is a pretty good size discoloration area there now that seems like it comes and goes. Sometimes it even seems as if there is a rash but then it goes away. The discoloration seems to be spreading down and over to the other side of my chest. Even though there is barely any tissue on my chest it feels swollen at times. My question is this, is it possible to develop IBC after having a mastectomy. I did go see my breast specialist a month and a half after the bump to show her the discoloration but I didn’t get to see my regular doctor. The person I saw said that this isn’t what chest wall invasion looks like and said she wasn’t going to do anything. I have my yearly appointment at the end of the month. I just don’t know if I should try to press them to run some tests or what. Thanks for any input. I wish you all the best.