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Stage 4 support, MBC and CKD


Hi all,

Our family is going through a tough time and I'm looking for some guidance.

My sis-in-law is now stage 4 BC with mets to brain and chest nodes. This is her 4th reoccurrence, and first metastatic reoccurrence. She is triple negative and her first diagnosis was 20 years ago when she was 32. My question is, how can I best support her? What are things to say and not say or do?

Another event is my BF of 15 years has been diagnosed with stage 4 chronic kidney disease/failure. We're gathering info and options from his doctor. My BF'S brother died of kidney failure, so he has some idea of how this progresses. He's looking for tools to help with the practical aspects of preparing for end of life while he has time. One thing is making sure he has as much info in one place as possible. Are there any books or tools anyone can recommend for this?

Apologies if this should be posted elsewhere.

Any and all help is appreciated ❤️