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Surgery Delayed/Possible SAVI instead of Wires

ktsmitty Member Posts: 15

Went in yesterday afternoon for my Pre-Op with my surgeon to 'finalize' everything for my surgery scheduled for Monday, 29 August. I was prepared, had my list of questions, my mind set, etc. I have my little baby tumor, and I also have another spot (biopsied 3 weeks ago) that was ALH. The surgeon explained how (since both spots are in the same quadrant) he was going to go in and grab both and be done. Noooo, apparently, the radiologist has to check first to see if I'm eligible for two SAVI things instead of having two wires placed for surgery. So, now I'm not having surgery and have to wait for the radiologist to recommend the procedure. I just want to know why the radiologist didn't make this determination when my second biopsy was done? Why cancel my surgery? Here I am almost 24 hours later, and still no follow-up call or anything to even TRY to get back on the schedule again. More waiting. So incredibly frustrated and angry. There doesn't appear to be any urgency with any of this. Everyone keeps saying 'you've got plenty of time'. I'm so tired of hearing that! I didn't want to spend the whole fall/winter and enter the holiday period going through radiation treatments! My nerves are shot! UGH