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Bilateral Cataracts & P. Vitreal Separation

bailey5 Member Posts: 27


Do you think mysituation Med related or metastatic cancer progression?

I have stage 4 Mets x5 years on I/F therapy & Bilateral "RAPIDLY ADVANCING" Cataracts & posterior Vitreal separation (<1 mo. Apart)

Rapidly advanced cataracts from grade 2-9 in ~ 6 mos. while taking Ibrance/Femara (I/F) combo for past 5 years with NED for almost as long via CT Scans of abd/pelvis & chest to view my original Mets tgat were t/o lungs and kymph nodes.

I'm contemplating having bilateral cataract surgery; but I have several reservations w/3 ?'s:

1. I haven't had brain scan for couple years & I just want to make sure cancer hasn't Suwan to brain. If I'm NED is it possible for the cancer to go to brain, bone, liver?

2. I'm unsure if my rapid cataract progression is related to I/F combination is causing this progression and/or GU (frequency/urgency/retention).

3. Is it wise to have “brain scan" just to make sure prior to going through bilateral cataract replacement surgery; as I'd hate to find out it forward there & waste good quality life doing surgeries & recovery of same; to find out my I/F needs changing in midst of it all as I know cancer will “trump" my eye situation.

I'm confused & have brain fog -either r/t meds, CPAP therapy/insomnia, or whatever. But I know I need to do the bilateral cataracts ASAP as I cannot drive & am 57 yo fairly active/independent person & this has me leveled; I still ride my bike (it's a recumbent tricycle—highly recommend; helps with muscular/joint pain from my meds-which had me leveled until I started fat; tried swimming. PT, walking, golf & warm-water therapy—for me et loss & my trike (& my PUG) helped me through so much! (Trike=1-3 miles a day).

Any other insight tgat I'm. It actually asking is welcome as it relates to cataracts, I/F therapy, scans, anxiety about progrsssion & cataract surgery, “rapidly advanced cataracts & double Vitreal separations that occurred along with the cataracts within one month of each other" as well as anything else those who are on this thread would like to discuss or just post to give others insight.

I wish everyone a happy Saturday night and sunshine-days ahead as well as the best of health and dealing with declining health whether it be mild of severe; May you have peace of mind through it all.

Thank you in advance. Many thoughts and prayers to everyone.


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,730
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    I can’t answer most of your questions as I’ve never had a brain scan nor cataracts. But I’m sorry to say that for us stage IV folks mets can occur in any of the places you mentioned at any time regardless of NED. NED is for most of us a temporary state that can change in a heartbeat. I have been NEAD for 11 years and fully understand that it can change at any time

    I hope you find some answers and wish you success with your surgery. I have glaucoma so understand how important vision is .

  • bailey5
    bailey5 Member Posts: 27
    edited August 2022

    thx. 11 years is wonderful; May you have 11+ years more.

    Yeah, always in back of my head to; but DH & MO kinda make me feel silly when I suspect something is amiss. I always actually feel like I’m on borrowed time; prob 12+ years ago w/stage 1 DX; but esp in past 5 years since stage 4 Mets, since I/F Med combo has 22 mo.projected longevity (there’s a better term for that; which I forget) & I’m at 5 years; I have scans every 3 mos to confirm the NED status.

    Thx again for your input

  • cure-ious
    cure-ious Member Posts: 2,723
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    Bailey, I also had rapidly progressing catarcts in both eyes after five years of I-F, and thought at the time it was a bit odd, and similarly wondered if it was I-F (meds) related...