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Postcards from the Ledge

fivetimes Member Posts: 51

Hi all

I’ve heard from a lot of women that there were times they had to be talked off the ledge during their cancer “journey “. I have found it to be more like a mud run - messy, exhausting and glad to see the finish line!

My most obvious ledge day was this:

I called my surgeons office on a Sunday night, when I knew they were closed and I’d get the voicemail. yes I’m a coward😂 I told them to please cancel my pre op appt for DM with the doc because I only had DCIS and I felt pretty sure Advil would take care of it! I thanked them very much for their time!

Thank God they knew what was happening when they listened to my message the next day and called me to help me work thru options other than Advil!!

Does any one else have the feeling they’ve been on the ledge and how did you get past it?

Best wishes