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Enlarged lymph node above clavicle


I don't normally worry but I know my body. I have an enlarged lymph node above my clavicle. Not huge but noticeable. It's not painful, moves a little bit and has been there for over a month. I just had a check up in June and it wasn't there. They did a CT and have a tiny spot in my lung that is new also and are doing a repeat CT in October to rule out growth. Had an ultrasound done of the bump above clavicle where it showed it was in fact an enlarged lymph node.

My question is at what point would they biopsy the lymph node. My oncologist is waiting for the report to be sent over.


  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
    They do the biopsy when your oncologist is concerned enough that it could be cancerous. I'm sure they will have an answer for your soon since they are just waiting on the report.
  • gameoniwin
    gameoniwin Member Posts: 6

    Unfortunately they don't like the look of the lymph node so they have ordered a new CT of neck and chest and then surgery to remove the lymph node and check the others near it. Has anyone had a lymph node removed from their clavicle. A hilar lymph node is also enlarged.

    My CT is Thursday and to say that the anxiety is getting the best of me is an understatement.

  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605

    Waiting is horrible! Try to distract yourself by doing fun things and stay away from Dr. Google. I hope you get answers soon.
  • stina
    stina Member Posts: 5


    I am going through the same thing. I have enlarged supraclavicular lymph node on the same side as my breast cancer (Double mastectomy in 2016 and visual auxiliary lymph node involvement).

    They did ultrasound, but it didn't show anything but lymph node. Yet my primary referred me to surgeon for his opinion. Now I have fine needle aspiration scheduled in 2 weeks. In the meantime, I went to my Oncologist and she had me do a bone scan yesterday and I am scheduled for a PET scan in 3 weeks.

    When I first mentioned my primary referring me and the surgeon wanting FNA biopsy, she said she wasn't a fan of FNA.

    Yesterday after bone scan, I left message to see if she still thought I should get the FNA biopsy now that we have the scans being done. They called me back and she said yes, to go ahead with FNA biopsy appointment.

    Now it's a waiting game to get the call with the results of my bone scan and to see if I can get PET scan done sooner if they have cancelation.

    I am grateful that both my primary physician and oncologist are not afraid to refer me for the tests that will either give me answers or put my mind at ease.

    I would push for more tests if you feel they are warranted.

    Good luck

  • LeeLeeLynn
    LeeLeeLynn Member Posts: 5


    Sorry you have this spot and the stress that comes with it. I hope it turns out to be nothing. Here’s my story:

    Last year, at this time I found a lump above my left clavicle accidentally. The left side DCIS breast cancer from 9 years ago (I had a lumpectomy and radiation back then) had returned it was confirmed after a suspicious ultrasound and biopsy. Ultrasound also revealed it was in my armpit lymph nodes. After seeking advice from 3 different hospitals, all giving different advice, I had chemo for 3 months, then surgery by ENT to remove clavicle lump and 8 lymph nodes. Same day I had surgery by breast surgeon for removal of 8 lymph nodes in armpit. After a month of healing I had 30 radiation treatments. My clavicle scar is invisible, placed in a crease in my neck. I feel great and have been vacationing the past 6 weeks on and off. I’m taking Letrozole and this week will be starting on Verzenio.

    I wish you the best news after your upcoming tests