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Fat Transfer from Inner Thighs

ilovecatsandfiddle Member Posts: 10

I searched through the forum and found discussions on the topic of Fat Transfers. But have a couple more questions. I had a double mastectomy in mid-April and I am scheduled for a fat transfer from my inner thighs next Friday. I weigh 120 and it's about the only place they can grab any fat from -- this is purely cosmetic. My question is this, the surgeon told me "don't be mad at me if your thighs get lumpy." What does this mean? Is this worth it? I am pretty happy with how my implants turned out (though there is a bit of rippling). So, I'm not sure if I should follow through with this or not. Has anyone done it? It feels so trivial compared to everything else I've gone through, I feel a bit silly about even asking. I'm worried that my thighs will then look lumpy and weird.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.


  • Luckynumber47
    Luckynumber47 Member Posts: 53

    I can’t share my actual experience because I decided against fat transfer because of what my plastic surgeon said. I was told it was very painful and often the fat doesn’t survive. When that happens it leaves behind lumps that have to be biopsied to be sure it’s not cancer. Nope, no more biopsies for me. Don’t need to go through all that.

    I feel like you answered your own question. You like how your implants turned out and your dr warned you that your thighs might end up lumpy. Could you be happy with everything if you decided to not take it further?

  • debal
    debal Member Posts: 600

    I don't think fat grafting is time sensitive so if you are unsure maybe hold off.

    I'm 125# and had fat grafting from my abd and it was pretty ouchy and badly bruised for awhile. Wearing compression garment helped. Maybe someone that had grafting from the thighs will chime in. I would assume walking will be pretty uncomfortable for awhile. Good luck with your decision!

  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
    I think what he means is that when he takes the fat, it's going to leave your thighs looking different and not smooth anymore. Sounds like you need to decide which is more important: nice looking boobs (at least for awhile since fat transfers sometimes don't last) or nice looking thighs.

    The only kind of reconstruction I would have considered was DIEP and I didn't have enough body fat to do it without looking totally disfigured. It's easier to just wear a prosthetic.
  • DaughterOfBarb
    DaughterOfBarb Member Posts: 29

    My donor site was outer thighs for my first fat transfer in April. I have very little fat available for transfer as well. Around 190ccs was harvested, which resulted in about 75ccs being deposited after purification. I wore spanx 24-7 for the first 4 weeks, then at night and sometimes during the day for the next 4-6 weeks. I’d say around 50% of the fat survived, but there are no lumps/necrosis on my breasts. The amount harvested wasn’t enough to make a visible difference in my outer thighs. I am scheduled for a second fat transfer next month. The donor site wont be decided until my pre-op appointment. I have read that stomach and inner thighs are at highest risk for lumpiness/sagging, especially in thinner people. The technique and skill of your PS are key, as is diligently wearing compression. Have you considered consulting with another PS who might be more confident in their ability to give you a good result

  • rah2464
    rah2464 Member Posts: 1,192

    I am also a thinner person (118 lbs 5'8") and the only decent spot to grab any fat was my inner thighs. She didn't find a lot to harvest and I am pretty sure anything she inserted up top is long gone.

    Inner thighs are painful. Can take several months for feeling to completely return. You will need to be diligent about wearing compression garments (I wore some from Marena that went all the way to the calf) that had an opening in the crotch. You will need to wear them for a while, discuss length of time with your PS.

    You will have to work on your inner thighs once you fully heal. Don't start too early, make sure what you are doing is approved. I increased exercise and started with dry brushing the area to move lymph then moved on to a fascia blaster to "break up" any ripples or lumps. I didn't have a lot but there are a few. Keeping legs toned will be key.

    If PS not sure of technique I would want to see pics just so you are not surprised.

    Also, I suspect that my fat grafting efforts exacerbated my low level lymphedema for a while. Something to consider.

    One other weird thing I did - because pulling those compression garments up and down is painful - I got one of those camping girl urinals so I could pee standing up. Sorry for the TMI but boy did that help the first two weeks. And to be quite honest I found that effort quite freeing! Guys kind of have it made in that department haha

    Best of luck to you hope it goes well!