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Collagen Peptides

Am on HT (Tamoxifen) after BCS alone and my only real complaint is my thinning hair and skinl A friend has suggested taking collagen peptides supplements. Anybody looked into this? At one time usage was thought to promote cancer cells and now some research says it protects cells.


  • rogueleft1
    rogueleft1 Member Posts: 7

    researcher50, I feel your struggle with your hair issues! I asked my Oncologist and he stated that I could take the collagen and it would not cause a problem. So I went for it.

    I put a scoop of Collagen in my coffee every morning. In my personal experience this alone has not given me any help with my thinning hair. On the other hand my skin looks fabulous! You can try to add in a daily Biotin and see if that combined with the collagen gets things growing & glowing for you! I use the powdered Vital Proteins Collagen. You can get it on Amazon or at Sam's/Costco if you have either of those near you. I have since stepped up my hair game by visiting my Dermatologist and trying some oral meds to combat the thinning hair {you could see my scalp at my crown} and get it growing. Best of luck to you! Sending good hair and skin vibes your way!

  • Researcher50
    Researcher50 Member Posts: 6

    Thank you so much for the reply. Fabulous skin sounds pretty good.

    Was the Biotin no help with the hair thinning? I have not tried that either. Guess I will give both a try.

  • rogueleft1
    rogueleft1 Member Posts: 7

    It did help it grow some but the only relief I have found while still taking HT/AI is getting oral meds from my dermatologist. But everyone is different so you could always give it a try and see if in 6 months there is improvement. Another option is the Hair, Skin and Nails vitamin or even a prenatal vitamin. :)

  • emac877
    emac877 Member Posts: 584


    I am also taking collagen peptides but have only done so for about a month and have not noticed a difference. I'm on Faslodex and like you have struggled with my hair thinning. I have significant loss at the crown and on the top in general. I haven't really found anything that has worked for me. The Hair Skin and Nails biotin I think did help my brittle fingernails some but be careful if you routinely get thyroid labs because biotin can alter those and other labs like cortisol.

    Rogueleft1 - I was curious if you had any side effects from the oral meds your dermatologist prescribed? I was given a prescription for oral low dose minoxidil and stupidly read all the warnings on it. I got a little scared off by that and didn't try it. If it's helping you, have you noticed anything intolerable? Thanks.

  • rogueleft1
    rogueleft1 Member Posts: 7

    emac877, I take 150mg of Spironolactone {this suppresses the testosterone which can rise when estrogen is depleted and result in the "male pattern hair loss"} and and take half of a 2.5mg tablet of minoxidil daily. This combination has started to really work. I see less and less of my scalp. I have not had any side effects with the dosages I am on. I have been extremely happy with my results. My hair even grew enough so I could get extensions to add length and fullness. Side note: while my hair was slowing growing out I used that Clairol Root Touch Up Spray {the one that covers the grey roots} and sprayed it on my scalp. It helped to camouflage it and make it less noticeable to me. Sending good hair vibes your way! :)