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What questions to ask?

Fitmom04 Member Posts: 40

I have my radiation oncology on Monday. What questions should I have ready for the appointment?


  • quietgirl
    quietgirl Member Posts: 165
    edited September 2022

    they might give you information overload at the appointment so many things you might think to ask might be answered without asking. So here are some questions that are nice to know but you might not thing to ask

    1. Are there certain days you will see the radiologist after treatment (for the most part you probably won’t actually see the ro during treatment because it’s done by the techs but I wish I had known that every Wednesday they expected me to stay after tosee the RO)?

    2. Will your appointments be at the same time every day or will it vary? Some places you get a time and it’s pretty much yours for the duration mine on the other hand we’re all over the place which was in part because they knew I was flexible (it also meant they would move me up on a Friday if someone canceled)

    3. Is there a specific cream or lotion that they recommend (honestly they will probably tell you this they might actually give you samples or coupons as well) but if they don’t bring it up